Hi, I’m a front-end
developer living in Paris.

I like food, tea and code. Nice to meet you.

Currently student @Gobelins and junior @Spintank

I worked for l'Adie, EDF, Le Tank media, GROW...

Some projects & lab

Draw with your friends

React, TypeScript, SocketIOonline game

1 | 3 Draw with your friends (DWUF) is an online game app where you can log and draw on a canvas with anyone online.

2 | 3 With this personal project I wanted to learn how to use hooks with React, how to use Typescript and to practice with web sockets.

3 | 3 You can try it here (wait a bit so dynos can wake up).

Amy, but first let me take a selfie

Vue, Beyond Reality Face, GraphQL, Three.Jsinteractive installation

1 | 5 A.M.Y is a installation project. I worked on this project with Circé grand, Justine Lenouvel and Anastasiia Gulenko .

2 | 5 The scene takes places in a photobooth. The user will then be given advices by an I.A to learn how to make the perfect selfie for themselves.

3 | 5 To feel confortable, the user is represented by a 3D avatar that follows their moves.

4 | 5 The plot twist is that the user is actually being manipulated by the I.A (Amy Manipulates You) and will end with the same selfie as everyone else.

5 | 5 You can check out the teaser, the Github and the technical specs that explains our experimentation process for this project.

Paris rent crisis for students


1 | 3 "La crise du logement chez les BDDI" is a datavisualisation made during a 3-days workshop in Gobelins. It was made with Clara Morineau.

2 | 3 It denounces exorbitant rent prices in Paris and how much a student must afford if they want to study in the capital and don't get the chance to live with their parents.

3 | 3 By comparing rent prices with student common purchases (pasta, netflix account, beer...) and making absurd parallels, you realise how insane it is for a student to pay such a rent. You can discover it here (FR).


React Nativeapp + conductive cards

1 | 6 Hodós is an interactive reading experience on tablet for children from 7 to 9. It was made with Alexandre Massé, Alix Chabagny and Iris Mangin

2 | 6 The child is invited to encounter mythological characters and to follow the young God Hermès in his journey by scrolling through chapters.

3 | 6 The story is located on an interactive map.

4 | 6 With the app, the child has 19 conductive cards that represent a God and its power. When the child needs to use that specific power, they are invited to put the card on their iPad screen.

5 | 6 The card is then recognized thanks to a pattern that matches the character. Finally, the child unlocks the situation and can keep reading.

6 | 6 You can check out the teaser (FR), explained video (FR), the Github.

I have been studying interactive design & development in Gobelins l’Ecole de l’image, while practicing in an communication agency & a tech start-up.

I have a strong interest in UX and UI design.

→ I’m currently learning about Arduino, generative design and Unity for my master finale project.